Family Security


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No one needs to tell you that your family safety is important. Especially in this post pandemic world we’re finding ourselves in. What would you do if your family is threatened and what might that look like?

In the last year and a half families have more security concerns than ever. With people out of work, staying at home, kids not in school, things have changed. The defund the police movement is absolutely affecting you whether you live in one of those cities or not. Violent crime is on the rise, child abuse, child trafficking, spouse abuse, suicide, have increased. 2019 and 2020 had more active shooter events than before, and 2021 is on track to pass them up. The reality of threat is very real.

Enough Doom and Gloom

What does this mean to you? More important, what can you even do about it? With police and first responders busier than ever, response times are increased. That means that if something happens to you, it is taking much longer for emergency services to get to you for help.

This lays the responsibility family security on you. By police and EMS are RESPONDERS anyway. Burglary? On you. Medical Emergency? You need to be able to deal with it, at least the basics. Physical threat or attack? I think you are getting the picture.

Family Security Basics

Mindset is fundamental to your ability act. This is true for your family also. So, talk among yourselves. Make time to cover these issues and concerns. Do this in an age appropriate manner if you have little kids! Ask them questions and allow them to ask as well. What are some questions we should ask?

  • Are our doors locked, even when we are home?
  • Is the garage door closed? (most break ins happen in the day time through an open garage door!)
  • What would you do if a stranger comes to the door?
  • Do you have neighbors who you trust?
  • Do you have neighbors or people in the neighborhood you DO NOT trust?
  • Have you looked at the national sex offender registry for where you live?
  • What natural disasters is your area prone to?

HOPE is not a plan. A basic plan is so much better than no plan at all. Get in the habit of talking to your family about some difficult topics that could affect you.

Look at your situation and think of the most likely things that MIGHT happen. Play the If This, Then ______ game. If this thing happens, then I/we would do ______. Play this out often, with yourself and those you care about. Often the best basic solutions are the best ones. Keep your plans simple as possible.

Knowledge and mindset are your two most powerful assets. Just like working out though, these are perishable skills. You must get in the habit of using them often!