Physical Protection & Security Services

Executive Protection & Estate Services

Your time and freedom are incredibly valuable. We have served at the highest levels of executive protection. Whether traveling or protecting your family and estate, our agents are known as the best in an elite industry.

Risk Assessment

Determining esisting or probing threats is a critical step. We rely on our extensive experience to find out who is targeting you and what your vulnerabilities are.

Business and Healthcare Practices

With workplace violence on the rise, as well as very public acts of people doing bad things, up to Active Shooter events. Our Agents have vast experience covertly protecting staff, clients, patients, and woners during times of uncertainty. 


Skip Tracing & Locate Services

Our Agents use the lates techniques, tools, and OSINT capabilities to find people and information. 


Observation, information gathering, and habit patterning. Our Agents are some of the most capable in the industry, provideing proven results.

Polygraph Services, Background Investigations

Whether onboarding staff or team members, or a routine check of an existing person. our team uses proven and exacting techniques to protect your interests and investments.

Safety & Security Consulting Services

SOP/Policy & Procedure Analysis

Our experience of serving hundreds of clients gives us particular insight into best practices. We review your policies, procedures, and actual historical data and events to provide you the best solution.

Consulting & Teaching

We are not a typical “check the box” solution. Our clients and our personal ethos hold us to a higher standard. We fully engage your people to affect positive and meaningful transformation of safety and security adoption and practice.

Site Security, Access Controls, & Hardening

Camera surveillance and record keeping, access controls, availability of facility movement controls all combine to enhance better safety, security, and readiness capabilities.

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