Work With Us

We work with:

  • Colusa County California
  • Ampla Health
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego
  • one of the largest outpatient healthcare providers in the US
  • Several of the largest healthcare providers in the US, each with hundreds of locations
  • one of the largest casinos in the US
  • One of the largest labor relations/organizational development firms in the US
  • Foreign embassy for a close US ally

Work With Us

Duty- Honor-Responsibility

It is the truth that this is how we feel about protecting you and your people. We work with individuals, the smallest of clinics and businesses to the largest of facilities from multi-site locations to trans-continental corporations. Your safety and security are of the utmost importance.

Benefits of Training with Us

Your people will be:

  • Confident in their understanding of dealing with a violent situation
  • Sure in their ability to develop a simple, fast and effective communication system
  • Ready and familiar with their roles and steps to involve local law enforcement and first responders
  • Well defined with their awareness of Active Shooter/Killer possibilities and establish a clear plan of action and survival
  • Familiar with threats from social media, cyber attacks and more
  • In compliance with regulatory agencies (CMS, OSHA, State and Professional Agencies)
  • More productive in their professional obligations
  • Capable of making better decisions related to daily safety and security

We need some information from you first. Please click here to fill out our initial client questionnaire.

Our basic on site service is as follows:

Basic service is for a single site location with approximately two to twelve people.

Basic service includes:

  • Personnel questionnaire
  • Threat analysis, both on site and personnel related
  • Critical awareness training
  • Urgent situational decision making
  • Deescalation techniques
  • Baseline defensive tactics
  • Active shooter / active killer training
  • Local law enforcement and first responder asset connections

Also, be certain that our training is NOT┬áthe typical dry, unmemorable and boring “death by powerpoint” process that is common in our industry. Our trainers share real life events and stories as well as engage your people in the learning process. More than a bit of humor is part of what we use to hold our audiences attention.