Online Teaching

Seeing the urgent need in three areas: Single Mother Safety and Security, those Marginalized by the Mandate, Individuals and families that need better life freedom and security as well as transitioning our consulting for Healthcare and various partners to an online specific mode.

Physical Protection and Security

Physical security takes many forms. From estate security, to travel advances, executive details, online presence security and proactive intelligence. We are honored to serve our current and growing clientele with the cutting edge capabilities our industry offers. No half measures, we take your security, your life, and your freedom seriously.

Security Consulting

We serve healthcare and other industries with the most up to date and effective security and compliance standards. Whether navigating CMS or OSHA guidlines we have the most effective solutions. Even giving your greeter and front line people the skillsets to deal with escalating standards of verbal to physical altercations. Retention and continued engagement from staff is our prime concern. Mere check the box solutions don’t keep people safe and alive.

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