The following are testimonials from our clients

“I thought it covered everything I need to know to increase the odds of me and my patients surviving a shooting in the clinic”

“[the course] was informative and begins the thought process of how to react in this type of situation. It’s made me more aware of the environment around me”

“[the drill] was eye opening…”

“Drills of this nature at all work places should be a requirement for employers to offer AND be mandatory”

“I learned that during an emergency of this type, confusion makes an important impact as to how people act, react, and end up getting killed…or saving their lives or the lives of others”

“I feel [this training] has given me some information that could be helpful in case of an emergency at work or at home or somewhere out in the community”

What did you learn from participating?: “how I would react versus how I thought I would react”