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real Estate Safety and Security

Real Estate Safety and Security

Real Estate professionals have unique and different safety and security problems. The biggest questions that you have is:

  • Will I be safe if I show this property?

  • Who is this person I am meeting?

  • How can I avoid dangerous situations?

  • How do I survive an assault?

Nothing about that situation is ok. Not for you and not for us. Real estate has been too easy a target for too long. Do not allow apathy, misinformation and fear to control you anymore. No person or situation is ever worth getting hurt by, or worse. There are definite practices that you can put into place to protect yourself, your office and your whole agency.

We can give you Immediate Help

There are simple, effective and proven training solutions available for you. You can learn how to change the script about how you approach these situations. While there are no guarantees in this, we will help you gain the knowledge, training and awareness skills to stop violence from happening before it has a chance to.

  • Awareness, communication and mindset. Teaching your people what threat indicators are and how to communicate them.
  • Investigating potential clients
  • Security language and processes to communicate with clients
  • Urgent situational decision making
  • Deescalation techniques
  • Basic defensive tactics
  • Active shooter / Active Killer survival
  • Law enforcement and first responder assets

Real estate professionals have taken these same steps with massive success. Agents can contact us to receive an immediate resource that we have prepares specifically for real estate professionals at no charge. Use our contact form by clicking here and let us know that you are a real estate professional. We will provide you our One Sheet immediately for you and your fellow agents to use.

Work With Us

Don’t let any more time go by. We have the best solutions for your safety and awareness training. Agencies, offices and individuals can call us at 1-877-474-6050. While many concerns are similar, feel free to contact us with your specific questions at info@fcssecurityanddefense.com