Protection Solutions

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Your Protection Solutions

You are very busy and have immense responsibilities. Your people count on you. Problems and threats, whether social, reputation, or physical would be the worst kind of disruption to your life and work. At Full Circle Systems Security and Defense and FCS BLACK, we take this burden for you. We minimize these concerns to give you back the freedom you have earned 



Travel Advance

Your travel itinerary is blistering and unforgiving. No one has time for bad actors or unforeseen events to jack up your mojo. Especially not you.

But consider, due to your companies perceived practices, associations, or notoriety, bad actors could be targeting you for embarrassment, exploitation, or worse. Working with us is like pushing the easy button on your travel.  We help to ensure safe, timely, and hassle-free travel.  We take all of these concerns off of your plate to provide streamlined travel planning so that you can focus on your work and the business at hand.



Surveillance – CounterSurveillance

Anyone digging in to you or your business better have a damn good reason. As an executive or an organization with a lot of social credit and concerns, you rely heavily on the perception of your image. In physical, online/social media, and public spaces, you don’t have the extra time to focus on your how your operations or people might be targeted or physically threatened. Physically targeting organizations for their beliefs and practices is an increasing issue in our current culture. Having assets on the ground that are your eyes and ears will give you the peace of mind that you deserve in order to keep your operations moving without interruption (or missing beat).



Somebody’s Watching You:

Technology Vulnerability

Your presence, reputation, business, and personal information are a valuable commodity in the wrong hands. Nefarious bastards are hard at work online looking to do you harm. We find them and shut them down. We use both existing and emerging  technology, professional analysis, and understanding to provide a barrier to proactively prevent online exploitation. Welcome to the world of cyber espionage and Open Source Intelligence and Protection.




Residential Security

The most insulting and disturbing place unwanted intrusion happens is where you live. Home should be the safest place in the world for you. We make sure that it stays that way. All too often people just like you , in your position, people and their families are threatened in the safety and sanctity of their homes. We give you the physical surety with the least intrusion and disruption to your lifestyle.


Secure Transport

Some people enjoy riding in sketchy cars with random strangers, but probably not you. Wouldn’t you rather be sitting in the back of a vehicle with a driver you trust?  Your time is the most important and valuable commodity in your life. In these uncertain times, you can not afford to trust your time, intellectual property, or life to random rideshare drivers, limos, or other unknown/unvetted transportation services. (In the back of a car that smells like tequila and vomit?) Our qualified, trained, and experienced transportation and security professionals will get you there on time, safe, and in-style. With no patchouli stink or wack music.




Executive Protection

In a world where danger surrounds you!.. Ok, maybe not.  But, everyone wants to be safe, right? Especially you. At your level in the game, executives do face threats of embarrassment, exploitation, and physical violence. We take this type of situation seriously. Instead of entrusting your safety to a bouncer type, low rate security guards, or no security at all, you deserve professional protection that matches, and enhances, your executive lifestyle.




Sometimes really sticky situations come up. Someone has to sort them out and find out what actually has happened. You wouldn’t entrust your corporate finances to a bank teller…so why would you risk liability or damage the image, trust, or culture of your organization? Corporate investigations run by members of leadership or HR with no experience as investigators cost so much time, money, potential fraud and relationship damage. Our investigators are truly world class, with the experience and professionalism to safeguard all of your interests. 

For immediate help, please call or email:

1-877-474-6050 / info@fcssecurityanddefense.com