Online Teaching

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Everyday dangers have increased. The people who need security and protection most need better options. We are here to help. These three areas are the ways we help most of you.

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Single mom’s are unsung heros. This fact has been shown to us time and time again. As a single mother, you face a hightened and unique set of challenges, problems and threats that the rest of the world simply ignores or doesn’t acknowledge.

That’s not good enough in our book. You, and your children deserve better!

We engage with you from a whole life stand point. Each area of your life affects the others in a big way. Big changes can be overwhelming, so we walk with you through the fundamentals. From the basics of dealing with extreme threats and dangers some of you may be facing, to daily problems that require a special way for you to vew and address. You may start out in a vulnerable position, but we will help you through the process to go from feeling alone to walking confidently with the resources, knowledge and skillsets to thrive.

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Consulting Has Changed

Traditional security consulting has had to adapt radically to the needs of you, our clients. No longer is the standard on site training the norm. Online options and new ways to engage and retain the interest and retention of the end user have become paramount.

FCS has risen to this challenge! We combine face to face webinar style with our ground breaking video content. You also get on site tools that allow you to assist with a truly interactive experience for your staff, instead of the “death by powerpoint” model that helps no one. Contact us today and let us help you.

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Everyday People Like You Also Deserve Better Security


Too many families and people like you find themselves in troubling times. Security is needed by everyone, not only the wealthy. We’ve adapted our considerable experience and skilsets into teaching people. You can take your enhanced capabilities from these teachings and improve your situation and those you care about. From your person, to your home and even your online presence, you are able to become proactive in your security. This allows for enhanced freedom of life!

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