Healthcare Industry

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Protecting the Healthcare Industry

Although violence has been steeply on the rise the last few years, Full Circle Systems Security & Defense has taken the lead in industry preparedness and training. We at FCS have made protecting the Healthcare Industry our duty, obligation and responsibility.

Full Circle Systems Security & Defense Core Training Services

Although we offer much more than the three training services here, these make up the foundation to our holistic assessment and training approach for Healthcare and related fields. The following is a brief summary of our core training programs.

Mandated Preparedness Requirement Program

CMS, The Joint Commission, OSHA and other regulatory agencies have just released the latest requirements for preparedness. These requirements have expanded both what types of facilities are responsible and vastly increased the burden of responsibility. As a result:

  • Liability for noncompliance is increased
  • Joint Commission Certification is tied to compliance
  • All reimbursement by Medicaid and Medicare can be denied for noncompliance
  • The new regulations (and liability) go into effect on November 16, 2016

No single regulation has affected the Healthcare Industry more. Our instructors have developed the most comprehensive training to ensure your facility and people are able to conform to these changes. For more information on this training, please click here.

Code Gray/ Assaultive or combative person(s) Program

This is the most prolific event that takes place in any and all facilities. Your staff’s ability to:

  • Recognize indicator signs
  • Practice proven deescalation techniques
  • Safely and effectively control the assaultive person AND protect patients and staff
  • Compliance with the latest CMS mandated guidelines

This is only a brief summary of concerns covered in this complete course. For more information on dealing with the Assaultive or combative person(s) program, click here.

Active Shooter/Killer Program

The worst case scenario for any facility or person. Healthcare has multiple situations and special considerations that makes the standard training paradigm an unreliable option. Full Circle Systems has a complete understanding of the many variables that exists in Healthcare. We help you consider:

  • Specific patient types and capabilities of response (or inability to respond)
  • Interaction with Law Enforcement and emergency services
  • Facility considerations for radically different situations that the industry as a whole has not had to consider until now
  • Turning staff fears into an informed and resilient attitude and mindset
  • Knowing that your facility and staff have the most comprehensive Risk Readiness training available
  • Compliance with the latest CMS mandated guidelines

This is our most requested course. While there are many more elements to an Active Shooter situation, we focus on simple, actionable and effective solutions for your people. For more detailed information on this training program, please click here.

Other Programs

As stated, the above programs are our foundational programs. Beyond these, We offers training programs in these areas:

  • Site security and readiness analysis
  • Mass casualty and trauma
  • Terrorism and counterterrorism on Healthcare
  • Security team training
  • Executive protection training
  • Defensive tactics
  • Advanced protection (armed and unarmed)
  • Hostage negotiation
  • Combating stalking and predation
  • Human trafficking in Healthcare
  • Cyber security and Ransomeware
  • Safety off site
  • Working with Law Enforcement and Fusion Centers

Thank you for your interest in Full Circle Systems Security & Defense Training programs. Please click here to contact us about specific ways that we can work with you to ensure your peoples safety. You can also call us at 1-877-474-6050.