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                                                               Effective Response to Combative Individuals and High Risk Situations

4624109From major Trauma Centers, to Urgent Care Centers, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Medical Offices, etc., those that work in healthcare are exposed on a daily basis to patients, families, and public who are in stressful situations. The news is full of stories that highlight the potential threats to safety in healthcare settings. Security forces and law enforcement may not be immediately available and it is critical that front line staff have a standardized and well trained response to address the high risk behavior they encounter.

Healthcare workers have faced a significant risk of job-related violence.  Assaults represent a serious safety and health hazard within these industries.  These risk factors include but not limited to the prevalence of handguns and other weapons among patients, their families and friends; increase use of hospitals by law enforcement and the community to hold and manage the care of acutely disturbed and violent individuals; unrestricted movement of the public in clinics and hospitals; increase presence of gang members, substance abusers, trauma patients and distraught family members; low staffing levels during times of increased activity; isolated work with clients in various settings; solo work, in remote locations or in patient/family home with no backup or way to get assistance; and lack of staff training in recognizing and managing escalating hostile and assaultive behavior.

Healthcare providers, educators, social workers and other human service workers face a variety of challenges.  Staff maintains a profound responsibility and duty to provide care which is embraced by all who commit to this work.  Providing that care requires training of all employees in universal precautions for violence.  This course offers teams skills in managing escalating behaviors with the goal to learn a range of emotional and behavioral responses to support and equip staff with the necessary skills and techniques they need to counter such challenges. If these more tenuous situations are not addressed in an immediate, professional way then significant risk exists for negative perceptions and behaviors to be reinforced which often results in escalation of behaviors adversely affecting staff, colleagues, and the organization. 

This training is focused on healthcare environments and building a response plan that is scalable from large institutions to small departments or offices. The training covers proven methods and case histories from other healthcare facilities on how to identify, de-escalate, and appropriately respond within the law to combative or high risk individuals who may be medically compromised or have pre-existing behavioral/mental health issues that need to be taken into account.

FCS will provide your team the ability to effectively and safely address combative individuals by building and training a full scale response team that takes into consideration pharmaceutical order sets, physician involvement, security and identified professionals, de-escalation techniques, “hands on” procedures, etc. We work with your identified teams, departments and administrative staff to train a care area specific response; resulting in an improvement to safety for patients, families, public, and staff typically with little to no additional cost.

The training team consists of healthcare professionals who are intimately familiar with the unique challenges of putting together an effective, specific, realistic, sustainable, and well trained care area/unit or facility plan that maximizes existing assets and identifies and addresses current “weak spots”.  The FCS team has put together operational plans that are still in effect at multiple facilities.

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