Attention! Business and Practice Owners

Of all the things that can sink your business, what is the most out of your control?

People Doing Bad Things.

Whether a patient, client, or staff member, these are your most challenging problems!

Certain people and situations can devastate your business, your reputation, and sometimes even your personal life.

We are here to help with professional and affordable services and solutions.


What are some of the problems you face?


  • Staff, patients, and clients can all bring personal problems in to your workplace
  • Prescription drug use and illegal substance abuse is on the rise
  • Personal employee, patient, and client relationships spill over into your professional environment
  • Hostile terminations happen more frequently
  • With rising rates of job loss, stress, fear, and anxiety are also increasing
  • Challenging family dynamics have affected places of work
  • The rising social inability to navigate relationships between staff, patients, and/or clients often causes disruption
  • Depletion of resources in law enforcement and emergency services cause delays in response, at best

In our experience we are almost always called in AFTER an unfortunate event has happened. A fundamental truth in safety and security, as well as business is this: Action is always faster and more effective than reaction. As a result any of these things taking place at your establishment has real consequences.

  • Disruption of work flow and resources create monetary losses
  • Serious legal repercussions for occurrences in your practice/business
  • Your staff performance is affected
  • Employee morale can be compromised
  • Continued/unaddressed problems do affect staff loyalty and retention
  • Perception of patients, clients and public is harmed
  • Clients/patients don’t visit or stay where they perceive they are not safe
  • Clients/patients also talk and your reputation will suffer
  • Owners, doctors, and organization leaders are sometimes personally targeted by individuals. These problems cross the line and invade their personal life and their families
  • You are held responsible by certain Federal and State Regulatory Agencies
  • You are also held financially liable



While this looks like a catastrophe of problems, there are specific solutions that we can and have solved for clients just like you!

We must first look at how these situations happen to well meaning people like you. Realize that the status quo is the enemy of positive change.

How did business owners, doctors, and first rate professionals just like yourself get here?

  • Ineffective or non-existent safety and security program
  • Lack of risk assessment/hazard vulnerability assessment (HVA)
  • Inadequate or non-existent policies and procedures
  • Non “sticky” training (no one remembers a week later)
  • Lack of exercises, testing, and evaluation
  • No documentation/record keeping of actual situations and events
  • Recognition of perceived and actual threats and minimizing threats when they actually occur (It will never happen here/it won’t happen to me)
  • Check the box mindset/ cookie cutter programs
  • Incorrect staff assigned as responsible for your safety and security program
  • Effective and motivated safety and security manager is not supported to affect the safety and security program
  • No real culture of safety and security established

As you can see, good intentions are not enough to effect positive change in your practice/business.


What is the answer? Let’s look at the solutions we’ve helped other organizations like yours make a positive change. This begins with you as the leader of what you’ve built.


Evaluate where you are. We begin by performing risk assessments and surveys to find out what specific threats you may face. A proper risk assessment evaluates the location and physical attributes of your locale. The surveys show us previous vulnerabilities, as well as current concerns from your people.

These are part of our standard process:

  • Risk assessment/Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA)
  • On site physical security survey
  • Owner/C-Suite, management, front line staff surveys
  • Our foundational course, broken down into five core parts
    • Mindset of safety and security
    • Awareness basics
    • Communication fundamentals
    • Basics of plan building for emergencies
    • De-escalation techniques and practices
  • Workplace violence strategies
  • When is it appropriate to involve law enforcement?
  • Realities of Active Shooter/Active Killer events
  • All hazards considerations: weather events/natural disasters – man made scenarios – technological occurrences

As you can see, our teaching and training covers the common problems and solutions that many organizations like yours face. We understand this clearly, as we have helped hundreds of practices resolve and plan for future situations.

So, why should you listen to us or trust our experience? We have been highlighted by many news agencies and chosen by other establishments for our service and professionalism. Full Circle Systems Security and Defense has been recognized and featured by many national and international news organizations including:

We have provided physical security, consulted, and taught many businesses, healthcare organizations, and even foreign embassies. A few of our past clients are Ronald McDonald House Charities, Ampla Health, Colusa Medical, Providence, Meta, and many others. Our agents are vetted with the highest standards in the security industry. Our people are professionals first. They have backgrounds in federal law enforcement, all branches of military special operations, paramedics, elite level executive protection operations. We continue their training and professional development in order to provide our clients the best and most current people for the solutions they deserve.

What will you gain by adopting our system?

When employees, and your clients or patients don’t have to worry about their safety and security in your establishment, very positive effects take place:

  • Employee and staff morale and confidence increases
  • Improved efficiency in workflow and employee production
  • Better employee retention
  • Enhanced reputation in your community
  • Higher patient/client retention and loyalty
  • Adaptation of communication and planning to other areas of your business
  • Staff leadership and ownership is developed with their vocation and purpose
  • A higher level of professionalism fostered
  • Your personal and professional liability is drastically reduced
  • Many times insurance premiums are reduced
  • Proof of compliance and readiness for regulating bodies
  • Personal life is protected and family is more secure

So, what does all this look like for you? WHAT IF you actually need a professional security agent at your practice or business, but you cannot justify the expense of a full time service? Yet, you still need relevant and effective training for your people? We have heard you, and developed the best solution, uniquely crafted for organizations such as yours.


We have developed four levels of services, each one refined from years of actual practice in different organizations. These are each examples of the ideal service per location, but, your program must be tailored to your practice or business. As you know, there are variables such as number of locations, number of owners or controlling members. Staff/employee numbers affect each level of service as well.

FCS Small & Medium Enterprise/Practice Safety & Security and Fractional Agent Program

Level 1: The Shared Agent Tier – This level is for the business or practice to “share” a full time agent in between multiple locations during the business week, or even with other businesses. This allows an agent to be in close geographical  vicinity for a response capability. The agent is based at one of the different locations to have a presence and build rapport.

  • “Full Time” (for area availability) Agent shared between locations
  • Robust readiness training for owners/staff, 10 separate training sessions throughout a calendar year
    • Our five part baseline training
    • Active Shooter/Active Killer
    • Eight more All Hazards Trainings
  • An effective annual emergency trauma and first aid class, including a complete medical kit specifically for a trauma event.
  • Baseline training for new hires with our first two courses.

Level 2: Fractional Agent Tier 1 – Not all business and practices may have the requirement for a full time or even Shared Agent. We combine a new offering in the physical security world with our Fractional Agent Tiers.


Fractional Agent Tier 1 provides:

  • An annual allotment for an agent of 50 hours. This is designed to be used on either a fractional (as needed) basis, or in more substantial units of time. Some examples are:
    • A client or patient has made overt threats, and an agent is needed for a number of days
    • You must perform a hostile termination. An agent is available on a fractional basis, in this instance a minimum of three hours to provide support to administration and staff. 
  • Robust readiness training for owners/staff, 10 separate training sessions throughout a calendar year
    • Our five part baseline training
    • Active Shooter/Active Killer
    • Eight more All Hazards Trainings
  • An effective annual emergency trauma and first aid class, including a complete medical kit specifically for a trauma event.
  • Baseline training for new hires with our first two courses.

Level 3: Fractional Agent Tier 2 –

  • An annual allotment for an agent of 9 hours, specifically allocated for hostile employee terminations at three hours per event.
  • Robust readiness training for owners/staff, 10 separate training sessions throughout a calendar year
    • Our five part baseline training
    • Active Shooter/Active Killer
    • Eight more All Hazards Trainings
  • An effective annual emergency trauma and first aid class, including a complete medical kit specifically for a trauma event.
  • Baseline training for new hires with our first two courses.

Level 4: Fractional Agent Tier Three – 

  • Tier 3 of the fractional Agent programs is our most basic of levels. We recognize that some businesses have an undeniable need, but simply cannot support the full level of service the other tiers provide. We are making available our baseline trainings and a level of agent availability in this last tier.
  • An annual allotment for an agent of 9 hours, specifically allocated for hostile employee terminations at three hours per event.
  • Our two essential courses made available for a full year, to include on-boarding new employees. We have found these two courses are fundamental to making the biggest difference in staff readiness.
    • Our five part baseline training
    • Active Shooter/Active Killer
  • To keep this final level affordable, we have removed our medical training and medical kit from this level. 

But Wait

The entire reason we developed this program is to serve our community better. This means you. We realized that the above offering, while very good, and game changing, are not enough. So, we wanted to do more. Your security and safety is personal, so we decided to acknowledge this, and give you the additional service that you deserve. It’s our version of being extra, as the kids say today. *

  • Onsite Risk Assessment
  • Assist in clarifying and/or developing Mission/Vision/Values
  • Review Leadership/staff events and concerns, establish protocol based on YOUR needs
  • Owner Personal Risk Assessment/Basic Family Security (this can scale and/or be simplified depending on group size, with appropriate cost adjustment)
  • Facilitate small “tabletop” with local Law Enforcement (LEO)
  • For Level’s 2 through 4, if an agent is needed for additional time/events, the client can do this at a discounted rate as they are already an existing client in our program. 

While all of this is very powerful, there is a vital piece missing. Our years of consulting, teaching, running live drills, have shown us one very profound truth.


We can’t make you or your people adopt any of these things. We can’t come in and change your culture for you. That, we have learned, MUST come from within.

What we can do, is help do this with you and your people. Here is what it looks like:

  • Establish Core Culture Adoption Program Led from Within
    • Assist staff in appointing an individual POC/Safety Security Coordinator Role
    • Train the Trainer Program to ensure success for new role
      • Small meeting establishment and leadership development
      • Team building
      • Role playing exercises and examples/ schedule and run brief, effective weekly small group/team meetings
      • Direct support line for POC
    • Provide POC all training materials and resources to ensure highest level of adoption and success

This has been the “one thing” that has made all the difference between success and failure. Establishing real change in an organization is one of the most difficult things to do. Having people your staff knows, respects, and has a consistent presence is all they need to succeed.

Let us help you now. We clearly understand your needs, concerns, and fears. Now, give us your information and we will connect with you to begin putting one of these safety and security systems in placve for you.

2 + 2 =

Consider the consequence of both, taking action now, or delaying. Here is the issue with delay. You never know when an event will happen. If we had that kind of crystal ball, we would never have these conversations. I do know this. I’ve sat across from people, like you, who have so much regret about not making the changes earlier that they knew they had to. Human safety, security, trust, and hope are very difficult to rebuild and heal. If you take action now, everyone will be clear on these things:

Your Staff

  • Confidence will increase
  • Productivity and loyalty follow close behind
  • Staff capability in safety and security will flow over into other areas

Your Clients/Patients

  • Clients react to staff confidence and ability
  • Their loyaly will increase because of the changes they see taking place
  • Clients and patients talk, and your community will hear about your positive innovations

Your Personal Life

  • You reclaim control over your professional life
  • You have the ability to focus on what makes you seccessful, not deal with problems that could be resolved 
  • Your personal and family life can be sheltered for potential personal targeting and focus

At FCS Security and Defense, we know and understand safety and security. We understand the human element, both positive and potentially negative. We have worked diligently to understand the many aspects of brick and mortar businesses and healthcare practices like yours. As we have already said, we do have done these things in order to serve our communities better. This includes you, and your community.

Our company and capabilities are growing as the upsurge in need for security in the private world swells. Join us now before you find yourself with developing or growing problems.

We are here to help.

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