Active Shooter or Killer

An Active Shooter or Killer is the Worst that could happen

Active Shooter or Killer

An active shooter or killer is a person or persons that only have taking human life as their goal. Although protecting your staff and patients is your number one priority, incidents of healthcare related violence is on the rise. Physical assaults and threatening or violent behavior are a real and growing problem. Hospitals, clinics, dentist offices and other related professionals face these risk factors and more:

  • Distraught family members
  • Run-on violence (domestic abuse, gang activity)
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Terrorism

These are just a few of the threats facing the healthcare industry. Many variables exist, and new situations arise daily. The reality in most facilities is that the training is generic with uncertain results promised. As an industry, you also have unique aspects that challenge standardized training:

  • Limited or non-existent security assets
  • Unrestricted or barely limited access to your facilities
  • Employee and management commitment to practiced awareness and training
  • Available resources that fit your facility’s and personnels schedule and capabilities

We have made it our priority to understand the particular demands that you and your staff face. Full Circle Systems Security & Defense has developed the most comprehensive training solutions for the healthcare industry.

  • Is the standard Run/Hide/Fight training in the healthcare environment truly applicable?
    • Patient protection
    • Legal concerns
    • Location and area specific details
  • Communication and warning preparedness
  • Awareness and tactic training
    • Priorities for staff AND patients
  • Law enforcement contact and engagement
    • knowledge of your facilities and personnel
    • reaction times compared to historic event timelines
    • Trained response appropriateness relative to area and patient needs
  • Role of on site security during an incident
    • Armed/unarmed
    • Ability to lockdown/remotely lockdown
    • Video monitoring capabilities (sharing)

Preparing for an Active Shooter or Killer

This is a brief overview of some of the healthcare specific considerations that we cover in our training. Full Circle Systems Security & Defense will customize our training to adapt to the particular concerns of your location, environment and people. For more information about how we can help you and your organization, please contact us by clicking here.