Fundamentals for the Family Protector


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Gain the Mindset, Knowledge and Skills to Protect Your Family

The Next Evolution in Protection and Readiness Training Is Here

Fundamentals for the Family Protector

July 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2022

Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Firearm Fundamentals for the Family Protector, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, and Immediate Field-craft for the Family Protector. Three days of elite training with instructors who have thrived in disruptive environments around the world. More than this, you will be enrolled in the Full Circle Systems Field Concepts and Skills (FCS2) annual membership program. This will give you access to our in depth videos and online training that will continue the investment in your capabilities. We have developed FCS2 to fill in the gaps that traditional training models have ignored. Putting all of your training, knowledge and skills together in a way that makes more sense and actually makes a difference to you and those you care for. No other training like this is available to the civilian world.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Basic Requirements for students? Be very familiar with the four basic rules of firearms safety. Be able to do moderate physical activity. The mindset and openness to learn new concepts and grow as a family protector.

– Is the class full? This class has space for 30 students. It will be a full class, and when enrollment is full, the website will reflect “SOLD OUT” and the sign up form will disappear.

I enrolled and paid for the class but cannot attend. Can I get a refund? All sales are final. Please do not sign up unless you are sure you can attend the class.

Does this course price include lodging? No, it does not. With that said, when you sign up, you will receive an email with resources to help you find lodging.


Sometimes reasonable people must do unreasonable things to protect those they care about.

– Are you ready?

– Are you able to think through the problems that you and your family may face and come up with a good plan?

– Do you have the capabilities to DO SOMETHING when the time comes?

– If our expectations are high, then our standards and capabilities should be also.

The time is now. Sign up. Your family is counting on you!


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