Sexual Predators and Pediphiles

We begin or series on Sexual Predators and Pediphiles today. This series has been in the works for some time now. We switch gears from focusing on physical danger to a much more intimate and even dangerous kind. Sexual violence and long lasting mental trauma of children.

We are going to thank Facebook for giving us the lauchpad for this episode. Last week I saw a Facebook re-post from a mother in Colorado. She was shopping in a Ross clothing store and claimed that three men were following her and her children around the store. She gave the store clerk a message about it, called 911 and was escorted out of the store with store security.

The story according to store employees and sherif has been blown out of proportion.  They claim that the woman and her children were never in danger and the men were simply shopping.

Within two days this story has been shared over 50,000 time.

This tells us so much about parents state of fear

This also tells us how absolutely uninformed most people are about real predation. Fifty thousand plus shares in two days. While this is an obvious hot button topic, parents deserve to know what the truth is about sexual predators and pediphiles. By the way, I know that pediphiles should be spelled pedophiles. The internet shows that most people misspell the word. I just want you to find this.

We all want the best for our children. Since this is true, all are responsible to know the truth. The real threat to our children is much closer than most of us realize. When we perpetuate our ignorance willingly, be ready to shoulder the responsibility.

Let us be clear, do not sacrifice your children to your “better judgement” or the possibility of stirring the proverbial pot. They do not deserve this and regret is a real bitch. No one wants them or you to live with the effects of missing the signs.

Where does the real threat come from?

Although many parents shared the Facebook story most likely your kiddos will not be snatched up by strangers. Especially not in public with you present. Kidnappers prey upon the fringes. Runaways and homeless children are the preferred targets for these evil and sick individuals. The real threat is much closer to home than many parents want to consider.

  • The majority of child sexual predation come from a well known neighbor, family friend or a family member
  • One in three girls as well as one in six boys will be subject to sexual contact from an adult
  • Heterosexual men are by far the number one sexual predators and pediphiles
  • The most common age sexual abuse begins is age three
  • The Department of Justice estimates there is one child molester per square mile in the US
  • On average a child molester has fifty to one hundred fifty victims before they are arrested

What can you do? If you are a parent, pay attention to your children. Listen to them and watch for changes in their behavior. We have chosen to use the book Predators, Pedophiles, Rapists and other Sex Offenders by Anna C. Salter, Ph.D as our cornerstone source for this series. Doctor Salter is the absolute expert in this area, and we hope to provide an interview her as the finale of this series.

Furthermore if you are interested in this subject or know someone who is, please pass this episode along. We will be giving away ten copies of Doctor Salter’s book to the first ten people who submit a question for the interview. Finally, stay tuned for the second installment in this series.

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