The Pain of Predation Is Too Much For Us

This series has not been easy. Or really even that fun. No one like to think about the subject and victims.

Neither do I.

That said, one of my biggest takeaways is that this is possibly the most untold story that exists. Regularly brushed under the table. While I suppose I understand the reasons why, it is a real failure on our part as a whole. The consequences that the victims carry and pass on are laid at our collective feet.

What do I mean? Just this, one is too many. I am a dad, so I carry a very specific burden of perspective on these types of crimes. Even the terminology gets under my skin. Tragedy – crime – whatever we choose to describe this is not sufficient. It does not hurt us enough. At least not enough to spurn us to unified action, does it?

I was all ready to record this with a few more recent news stories, but this turned in to the most important part of the conversation. What can we really take away from this series? It is not about what we learn, but what we decide to do.

Are You Responsible for this Pain of Predation

That is the crux of this conversation. These stories and interviews show us the all too regular commonalities that take place. Summing it up in one word?


Secretive manipulation. Control and fear. They all are summed up in the deception. If the entire goal is to get away with these heinous and evil deeds, who is it against? The victims is the obvious answer, but what about you and I? Do you enjoy the notion of being lied to, manipulated, controlled, deceived? I know that I don’t.

Ok, some push back, right? I can hear it know. But, I didn’t know them! Wait, they weren’t my kids.. It was just a stranger.

Even me saying it, these sound weaker by the second, right? If not, let’s assume a little bit of self preservation thick headedness… These are people, not matter what. Just like the ones in your life who are important to you.

Even the strangers deserve a life unmolested.

They deserve better. If it were someone that I know, I surely hope that I could pay enough attention to the signs and situation to prevent or stop it. And if it were a stranger, like you or someone that is important to you, same thing. Right?

Preventing this Pain of Predation

What do do then?

Before you think I am on this high horse and arrogantly thinking that all can be saved, please don’t. I know better. That is the power of deception. No one of us is immune to it. Not you or me. No one. Some of these individuals have perfected their craft to the point that they are the perfect appearance of whatever they want the world to see them as.

What to do then, chain the doors and bar the windows? That goes against everything this show is about, and you know it. We never want anyone to live in fear or allow fear to control their life. Not even you.

Decide. Decide to do something, if at all you can. Look, pay attention, allow your mind to go to the places that you would rather not think about. Consider that those dark things could exist. Look for them. Watch behavior. Ask questions when you can. Become an advocate for those who need it most.

Also, count the cost. It is no small thing to put yourself out for another human being. Whether it is a loved one, or not, there can be consequences. You could become a target yourself. Possibly you could be involved legally, or with a child’s school or family. Social blowback is a real risk.

At the end of the day though, you can save a life.

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