Movement Equals Life

movement equals lifeThis episode is probably not for you. But it could be.

So, who is it for then?

For the person, the man or woman who has sat on the sidelines, for too long.

For the one who feels in their bones that life has more to offer than you have experienced so far.

The one who doesn’t want regret to creep up on you like a thief at the end of your life, pointy that hard, cold finger and asking you why? Why didn’t you do more? Why weren’t you ready for what life gave you? Why did you let yourself and others down?

Is that you? If so, listen on..

First, a question, what do you want?

What do people want?


According to HuffPo

  1. Happiness
  2. Money
  3. Freedom
  4. Peace
  5. Joy
  6. Fulfillment
  7. Balance
  8. Confidence
  9. Stability
  10. Passion


Most people expect good things to happen

And rightly so, no one expects or looks forward to hardship or discomfort

So, why are the things on the list above seemingly unachievable for most people?

And, since they are seemingly unachievable, what does this do to you as a person? To your outlook and mindset?

Here is the difficulty. Life happens. A certain level of discomfort is necessary to be able to handle certain issues that life throws us. Whether we like it or not.

  • You can stumble and fall.
  • Get in an argument.
  • Lose your keys.
  • Break a nail.
  • Get a cold.
  • Forget your lunch.
  • Rip your pants.
  • Be lied about.
  • Have something of yours taken or stolen.
  • Spill a drink.
  • Get in a car wreck.
  • Need to take a test.
  • Get a ticket.
  • Dog ate your homework.
  • Experience the death of someone you are close to.
  • Need someone to believe you.
  • Get sick.
  • Run out of money
  • Get a migraine.
  • Lose a friendship.
  • Have to weather a storm (real or proverbial)
  • May have to run for your life.
  • Could be faced with defending someone.
  • Be in a real no win situation.

As you can already tell, this list could go on forever. In no way is it exhaustive. Some of these things are common. Some are not as common. The thing that ties them all together is that all are possible. So, looking at these things, some of these you are ready for dealing with immediately. Some of these would require some action to be taken.

Some of these possibilities are things most people don’t even like to think about, much less consider being ready for. As always, we don’t want anyone to live in fear. Ever. With that said, pretending that things will never go wrong, or never happen to you is deception.

Deception is the greatest of evils

Self deception is the worst of its kind.

Here is an example..

My wife competed in her first triathlon this summer. I was hanging out with a couple firefighters working the event that I knew. During the event, a competitor had a stroke during the swim portion of the race, first responders got to the individual very quickly and provided treatment. The racer made it. When I asked my friend what happened, I was pretty impressed when he told me that the competitor recovered well. Seeing my surprise, he made a profound statement. He said- It is always easier for an athlete to recover from a coronary event than someone who sits on their couch all day.

We all have to MOVE.

If we aren’t moving, we are dying

Realization Confirmation – Movement equals Life

Profound topic because it affects how we look at everything in life.

Understanding that movement equals life is simple, though not easy

People like easy. I get it, people enjoy comfort, it is most people’s “zone”. The safe and happy place. I guess I am going to call out the reality. Being in your comfort zone can get you killed. AT the very least, it can get you really hurt. Physically, mentally, financially or otherwise. Remember the list above?

It defines a life of regret.

Because of complacency, and even apathy. Too much comfort is dangerous.

Being ready, making a plan, thinking about things, is like buying insurance. You don’t leave your home planning to get in a wreck in your car, but you have insurance “just in case”.

Todd’s Story.

Look in the mirror. Ask the question.

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