Your last chapter has not been written

your last chapterI need to talk to you about motivation today. My motivation, and yours. There is so much noise, confusion, rhetoric and spin in this world right now. It is all trying to get your attention. It is trying to grab your mind and heart, to lull you into a state of complacency and apathy, and to get you into an early grave before your time. Hear me when I say that your last chapter has NOT been written yet.

There are people who want to take advantage of people. They want to manipulate, scare, threaten, control, and sometimes harm people. Let me be clear when I tell you that these are the weakest, most pathetic and disgusting examples that the human race has to offer.

Duty, Honor and Responsibility

I’ll give you a brief insight into my childhood (this isn’t a plea for therapy, I’ve had a hug and I’m ok). I was a scared kid. Lots of reasons for that, but to be clear, I understood what pain was. Fear is not something any kid or adult for that matter should ever live in.

That pain and fear shaped me.

It shaped me. It formed what I dreamed about when I was young. Fear and pain molded my mind to dream of being strong, of being capable, and of not having to live in fear and experience pain.

I read books about the strong. We call them heroes. These heroes had ideals, a code they lived by. Truth and right, and oh yeah, they defended those who couldn’t defend themselves. It was all consuming. It made me go to work on myself.

I wanted to be like them. I trained, learned, practiced, and eventually went into law enforcement. That motivation in my life turned into a passion. Protecting others. Defending people, like you. Protecting against those that would do them harm. This is where my life has lead me, and this is my duty, honor and responsibility.

Author Up & Write Your Last Chapter

I know that this is a very different episode. Conveying the importance of what we do has been screaming at me today. I can’t get away from the thought of it. I read updates off of my Google Alerts every day and just shake my head. People can avoid most situations that they get in. Not in all cases, but in many of them. If I can help you to simply WAKE UP and become aware of what is going on in your life and around you, that alone would change my news feed.

While I absolutely understand that not all bad things can be avoided, you can affect most of what happens to you. You have a choice. Proactive or reactive. Survivor or victim. Make the decision to affect what happens to you.

Determine to be your own author, and remember that your last chapter has not been written yet.

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