Welcome to When Everything Goes Wrong

When Everything Goes WrongWhen Everything Goes Wrong is the media divisionĀ of Full Circle Systems. This is the World Premier episode!

Violence is a real and growing problem. We don’t want you to be either fearful or apathetic. We want you to be decidedly aware and ready.

So, in this first episode of When Everything Goes Wrong, we talk about:

  • events of threat and violence in the US during the last week
  • Active Shooter
  • Campus crime
  • Hospital Security and violence
  • Domestic Abuse
  • School lockdowns

This is a brief look back at the events that were in the news. The reason we cover events like these is to raise awareness of the amount and scope of different threats people face every day. People, hospitals, businesses, places of worship, and educational facilities all deserve better information and resources. This is why we created When Everything Goes Wrong!

This show will be released three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will cover recent events across the country, Practical Practices (things you can DO) and go into specific subjects that affect the safety and security in your world. We will also do interviews with both industry experts as well as survivors of events. All of this to raise your level of knowledge and preparedness.

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Full Circle Systems is your single best resource for personal protection and crisis preparedness information. We are proud to provide media from When Everything Goes Wrong. If we can help you develop a personal protection plan, training, policies and procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

It is our honor to be the industry leader in this field. It is our duty, obligation and responsibility to ensure that you and yours go home at the end of your day.