Child Sexual Trafficking and Predation

What can You Do about any of this? My wife brought up the topic with me this week. She is on a Facebook group for moms that has been posting relentlessly on the topics. When she brought it up to me, she asked about a point of reference about teaching people about something without making them feel totally overwhelmed. When I asked her about it, she said the admins basically posted all the tragic and bad news, but never put out any information about what a family could d or give any direction of hope.

Right. So, my next question was, ” so what is your takeaway from all this?” My wife elaborated very simply. She felt completely helpless. None of the information being put out gave any hope. Nothing was said about what a mom, dad or family could do to protect their family from this very evil threat.

This is very similar to other security situations we have dealt with in our consulting and classroom portions. When people are only presented the “problem”, they have no where to go in their mind. An overload of bad situation/bad news basically turns the audience to helplessness. At that point, they tune out. They want nothing to do with getting any further information about whatever the “problem” is. They feel completely helpless, so all they have is the hope that it never happens to them.

Because in their mind, they probably won’t survive anyway…

So, in this podcast episode we talk about your question: What can you do? It is a very valid question, and we will give you a good baseline understanding of the issue and some real steps to take. I hate leaving people without hope, a plan or even basic understanding of what to do. So, what can you do? This.

Understand the issues.

  • What is the difference between child sexual trafficking and childhood sexual predation
  • Trafficking is where the potential for a true stranger is more possible
  • Predation is almost always men, and almost always someone you and your family know very well
  • What is grooming, who is the focus on, and what can it look like
  • Legal recourse, and why these cases are usually not convicted

After a basic understanding, we cover:

  • Speaking to your children
    • Start earlier than you think
    • Use age appropriate concepts
    • Don’t treat your kids like they are dumb
  • Create the space where your own children feel comfortable talking to you. Earn and keep their trust
    • Don’t fall in to the faith “bubble” trap
    • Do not pretend that if you don’t talk about something, it isn’t real
  • You need to be highly involved with your kids
    • Be present in activities, like sports, classes, events and such
  • NO sleepovers, ever are allowed
  • Pay attention to the people in your children’s lives

Talk to your kids regularly. Make this a habit and they will truly learn to trust you. Let them know that they can tell you anything. And, if something has ALREADY happened to them? Make sure they know it is not their fault.

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