Violence In Real Estate

violence in real estateUnless you are a Real Estate Agent, most of us probably don’t give Violence in Real Estate much thought. Have a conversation with a real estate professional. They can all tell you stories either from personal experience or someone they know personally.

Real Estate is seen by most of us as one of those “safe places” where nothing wrong should happen. The fact is this: violence in real estate is on the rise.

Let’s cut to the chase. If you are someone you know is in the real estate industry, we do not want them to become a statistic or story that we talk about on this podcast. This is about raising awareness and giving some solutions.

So first, let’s look at some case studies.

Georgia Real Estate Agent Attacked at gunpoint

You can go directly to this story here. This story has an agent working in a leasing office in a new subdivision. Here is the breakdown:

  • Agent was working alone
  • A man entered in broad daylight, then robbed her at gunpoint taking money and jewelry
  • The man forced her into the bathroom where he attempted sexual assault
  • female agent fought off her attacker and escaped

Real Estate Agent Fatally Shot

An example of the worst case scenario, the original story can be seen here. In Atlanta Georgia a male real estate agent was visiting a property that he was interested in purchasing.

  • The property was abandoned and in disrepair
  • The neighbors had made multiple complaints about their concern of vagrants living inside
  • The intruder shot the agent twice and killed him inside the home

Agent Robbed and Beaten in Ambush

Visually this is a rough one. You can see the original article and pictures here.

  • The male agent was the property manager and was showing it to “a prospective client”
  • The prospective client was supposed to be a young woman
  • The agents wife was waiting in their vehicle outside the property
  • Two masked gunmen were waiting inside hidden
  • They robbed him of his wallet, wedding ring and phone
  • They hit him in the back of the head and fled the scene

And Many More

There are so many different stories that I could include here. Real estate offices taken hostage. Agents robbed from their vehicles, cars, homes, you name it. Serious predation against female agents is a real and growing problem as well. The problem is a real and growing concern in the industry. While it is easy to hope for the best and pretend that violence won’t happen to you, we want you to be mentally prepared and physically ready.


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