Fear and Violence in the News

Fear and ViolenceAnother week of news that is mostly fear and violence. I don’t know about you but I really don’t like being manipulated. News networks are in the business of manipulation. Yes yes yes, they report the news. But, just how exactly do they do this? By manipulation and spin.

Am I being cynical? No, just being a realist with my eyes uncovered. This is my wish and desire for you. For you to look at the world and those who are in the business of influencing you with your eyes uncovered. Be clear thinking and purposeful in your thoughts. How do you do this?

Ask yourself some questions.

  1. Who or what is getting my attention?
  2. Do they have an agenda?
  3. What is their agenda?
  4. How should I allow this to affect me and what I do?

While it is easy to get sucked in to the stories out there, please hear this. Please make sure that you aren’t being affected by the daily fear and violence. We are a security, awareness and defense training company. I want you to not only survive what life hands you, but THRIVE. It is my absolute desire that you master your personal awareness and mental strength to the point that is becomes habit for you. When it is habit it takes now purposeful thought or action, it just is your normal state of being. From here you can focus on your physical training and response. After you begin that you can help those around you.

You can’t help anyone of you are debilitated by the fear and violence in the news. Especially yourself.

This Weeks News

The big news this week was the Ohio State University violence. We did a previous podcast episode on that. Lots of media has reported throughout the week confirming that this was a terrorist event, culmination in the fact that ISIS has taken credit. They went so far as to call him one of their soldiers.

Moving on..

  • There is a current hostage situation in a Jacksonville FL. bank.  Police have been able to negotiate hostage releases but the suspect is holding a gun to hostages heads and making threats. Be alert when you approach public places please.
  • Also this week, two huge malware campaigns have been reported against Android phones. This attack takes the most vital and private information, codes, passwords, etc. and stores them.
  • Too many school lockdowns to list or discuss. Do you have, or know someone with school age kids? Have you had a safety and awareness conversation with them?
  • Hospital information security is a hot topic now. A recent article tells a tale that healthcare in general is wide open to cyber attack and manipulation. We have an upcoming interview with an industry expert on the depth and risks that everyone faces with this vulnerability.

What is Our Agenda?

While we are very happy you are with us on this journey and either reading or listening to this, we do have an agenda.

  • We absolutely want you to listen to this podcast, contact us with questions about security and awareness training.
  • Also, we would love it if you told your friends about us so that they could do the same.
  • It is our duty, obligation and responsibility to give you the knowledge and resources to grow your awareness and personal security capabilities. We want you to go home at the end of your day.
  • While helping you develop you Personal Protection Plan is very important, we want more. We want you to get to a place where you can truly help others in a time of real need. This makes us all a very proactive and capable people and the exact opposite of a group of helpless victims.

My business partner DJ and I seriously believe in this stuff. We talk about these things constantly and review events that happen every day. I want you to be aware and confident and have an “eyes wide open” approach to events and news around you. To sum things up, we never want you to be influenced by anything to the point that you live in a state of fear.

Keeping You and Yours Safe in Uncertain Times

We at Full Circle Systems what you to be able to go home at the end of your day. While there are no absolute guarantees in life, we offer training to you and your organization to give your people the very best opportunity to go home. If you would like to discuss our training formats to understand your options, please click here to contact us.