the london terror attackThe London Terror Attack

The man behind the London terror attack rampage that left at least five people dead, including a police officer, outside of London’s Parliament building was identified as Khalid Masood.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who suffered loss.

Source: London terror attack: Killer identified as 52-year-old Khalid Masood | Fox News

What does this have to do with you and the good ol’ USA? A lot actually.

  • This is a copycat attack
  • An attack similar to this has already happened in the United States
  • It is going to happen again here

Some specifics on this attack

Masood, the identified killer was born in the UK. He was native. Masood had a history of violent behavior but reportedly was not on a watch list. He has been described as a family man.

  • Masood ran his vehicle into people on the Westminster Bridge and in front of Parliament
  • His car injured at least forty and killed three
  • Masood then got out and engaged a police officer with a knife, killing the cop
  • Police arriving on scene engaged and fatally shot Masood
  • ISIS has already taken responsibility for his actions

So far the death count is at five including Masood and the police officer. London is in mourning put showing that famous British “stiff upper lip”. We are with you Mother England.

How to Respond

As always we never want anyone listening to live in fear. Ever. That said, we want you to understand this very clearly. This will happen, not just again, but many more times. In both other countries and here.


Because it works, very well. So, how do you protect you and your loved ones from a car or truck careening into you and others? Our standard answer as always is awareness and communication.

  • Be aware of the threat
  • Communicate the importance of awareness, readiness and mindset to those in your life
  • Talk through “what if” scenarios with them

So, will awareness and communication safe you from a vehicle attack? Well, maybe not. It will however give you more than a fighting chance. How so?

  • Awareness of your immediate surroundings (Crowd? No Crowd? Escape routes?)
  • What you carry everyday
  • Communication with your friend or family in the moment
  • Ability to help others in the event of an attack/real bad situation
  • Your choice of whether or not to get further training

See? Opens up many more possibilities than “oh shit, we’re all gonna die!” This continued practice of awareness and communications turns the tables for you as well. You go from being a reactionary person to being as proactively ready as a situation will allow.

Awareness gives us options. Options allow choice of movement. Movement is life.

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