Thanksgiving Terrorist ThreatThe Thanksgiving terrorist threat is real. Serving up a little turkey, dressing and ISIS to you in this episode.

This country we live in, the good ol US of A! Nothing is more American than Thanksgiving, football, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year, just to make things really special, ISIS has issued a broad terrorism warning. This is from an article that ISIS used to encourage and teach their followers.

The new ISIS article offers a guide to inflicting maximum casualties using trucks, accompanied by a picture of the Macy’s parade with a caption identifying it as an especially rich target for terrorists.

How ISIS works and how they want you to react

ISIS, as well as terrorist groups in general, are not very original. They tend to be blatant copy cats in their tactics. With good reason. Being a copy cat works for them. Allow me to explain.

Terrorist groups have always used the copy cat approach. Why is that you ask? Well, as we stated above, it works. More on this in a minute. Another reason is that the individuals that they are encouraging to pull these attacks off are their base line operatives. Think opposite of elite here.

The reason that this works is that until a style of attack is proven to be faulty (meaning it is successfully stopped) they promote repeating it. For example:

  • Suicide bombings are still used (with great success).
  • Pipe bombs and pressure cooker bombs have been recently and effectively used.
  • Big trucks carrying explosives or just driven into large crowds of people.

You get the point. Not a lot of high level training, planning or thinking is involved for individuals to use any of these tactics.

Simple works.

They want you to be scared. Out of your mind that is. That is what makes them terrorists by the way. They intend to foment terror, on the largest scale by the simplest means. They would like to see America driven to its knees and brought to ruin from our people scared out of their minds.

And no eating turkey. Or gravy, can’t leave that out!

Source: ISIS singles out Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade as ‘excellent’ attack target

How We want You to React to the Thanksgiving Terrorist Threat

How should you react to this? Be alert. Pay attention to your surroundings. Look for things like someone shoving a backpack into a garbage can or mailbox. This is not normal behavior. Alert police and get people away from there.

Look for maniacal people driving really big trucks into crowds. Warn others, and offer help when you can. Pay attention to your surroundings. Pay attention to your gut instincts. If you follow this show, you should be paying attention anyway, right?

Don’t let this threat ruin your day.

We want you to eat turkey and gravy. Everything else on the table as well. We want you to enjoy this uniquely American holiday with your family and friends. Watch the parade, football, your kids play and take a nap.

Oh yeah, something else. Thank a cop, firefighter, first responder or a nurse. Many of them are working on this day to keep you and yours self and serve your community. They miss their family, football and nap to.

Give thanks. We have so much to be thankful for, make sure you include remembrance as part of your day.

“This is not something that just occurred to us over the weekend,” Miller said at a news conference. “Bottom line: Come to the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Have a good time. Bring the family.”