Safe Holiday Travel For You

safe holiday travelEveryone wants safe holiday travel. Whether you are the one traveling or have family and friends coming to you, let’s get everyone home safe and sound. Traveling is definitely a time of anticipation for family, friends, food and fun (got four “F’s” in there, BAM!!) Packing and shopping are of primary concern, right? Don’t let all the fun and anticipation stop you from taking a few steps for traveling safely.

Getting Prepared

Being prepared and having a plan go a long way to solving problems. Let’s get to the basics then:

  • Let people know your plans and schedule. Not the world through social media, but trusted family or friends.
  • Know your transportation and route and have an alternative.
  • If you are driving, is your car up to the trip? Maintenance prevents “catastrophe”.
  • First aid kits want to take this trip with you!
  • Be sure to take your cell phone chargers, cash, food water, etc.

These are some simple basics to put in place before you leave.

On the Road

We all understand that not everyone travels by car. Plenty of people fly, take the bus, train or whatever. Not meaning to ignore the specifics of those alternative modes of transport, we are coming to focus on car travel because that is what most people here use. Because, you know, ‘Merica.

The day of travel is here. You are getting on the road with about half of the population, seemingly more. Enjoy yourself! So, let’s look at the actual trip:

  • Is this the short or long game? Are you doing the driving, passengering, or a bit of both?
  • Don’t drive distracted. You know who you are. Stop it!
  • Take breaks if you need to.
  • Cars need gas at half time.
  • Pay attention to others.
  • Don’t get pissy because everyone else already is.
  • Know how to deal with road rage.

In summary, practicing safe holiday travel can be simple. On the way home be sure to put the same practices in place. Making these things habit are the real goal of a good personal protection plan. Being well prepared for the trip frees you up to plan shenanigans, family gossip, confronting that uncle who is always a jerk, and eating beyond the state of a good food coma.

Enjoy yourself!

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