Runner Fights Off Attacker

Runner Fights Off AttackerFour miles into a planned 10-mile run in Seattle’s Golden Gardens park on Sunday, 36-year-old Kelly Herron stopped for what she thought would be a quick bathroom break.

Source: A jogger’s fitness tracker documented her brutal attack on a run | Fox News Runner fights off attacker is an understatement.

 Kelly Herron is a survivor. He war cry is “Not Today Motherfucker”! So much to say about her ordeal, but the first is well done lady! The picture above is her Instagram recount of the event. As always we link to the original article so you can read it for yourself.

Her attacker is Gary Steiner who is described by Seattle Police as a 40 year old registered sex offender from Arizona.  Steiner was waiting in the bathroom for what he thought would be his next obvious victim. This is where everything went wrong, for Steiner!

What Went Right

Ms. Herron recently trained in a self defense class that her workplace offered.

  • She took initiative to get the training
  • Ms. Herron decided not to be the helpless victim that day
  • She fought back with everything she had in her
  • Remembering her training she effectively used it to her advantage
  • Herron beat the shit out of Steiner
  • She locked him in the bathroom until the police arrived

Ms. Herron did everything right that day. This is absolutely a best case scenario of a potentially bad encounter with a predator. I do not have any specifics on Steiner but he appears to be homeless. Also, he appears to have a slighter build than average.

Let’s Break This Down Some More

The biggest point of success is Ms. Herron’s mindset. Not only choosing to fight, she fought with ferocity. She understood what was at stake in the situation and chose to give it her all. Most rapists and attackers do not expect any resistance. Plenty of studies by law enforcement reveal that predators look for the most unaware and complacent target. They do not want to struggle or fight and will MOST OF THE TIME avoid this.

This is not to say that a rapist won’t try to harm or hurt their intended mark. Plenty will and do. We are saying that being willing to fight back raises your chance of survival by a lot.

Again, great job Ms. Herron!

Our Wish List

If we have any constructive critiques, they are few. I’ll broaden this beyond just Ms. Herron to any woman reading this.

  • If you can, run with a partner or group

This requires clarification. Just running with another person isn’t a failsafe. Your running partner(s) MUST have the SAME MINDSET as you do! The willingness to fight back. If one person has this mindset and the other doesn’t, the one that doesn’t becomes a real liability. This can make a potential encounter even more dangerous. Have this conversation with whoever you train with. Think of different possibilities and scenarios that could take place and discuss how you would handle it.

  • Run with pepper spray, a weapon or something you can defend yourself with

This can be car keys you hold spread out between your fingers. There are many options out there. The ability to use something other that your hands, feet fingernails, teeth, elbows or what have you is called having a “Force Multiplier“.  A force multiplier can turn the situation and give you a decided advantage over an attacker. Make it a habit to carry one each and every time you leave your house.

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