Interview With The Survivor

survivorSurvivor. It is only one way to describe her. It is our absolute honor to include this interview with this survivor. This is part three in our series on predation. This interview with Kelly Herron will show the reality that a violent attack puts a person in.

Let me be very clear. Kelly Herron is not lucky. She is a survivor and a fighter. Luck is when you look down and see a quarter on the ground. If not lucky, what then? She is a woman who has taken responsibility for her awareness and preparation.

On Sunday March 5th, Kelly Herron was on a training run for an upcoming marathon. This was a Sunday afternoon, around 1 PM. A typical day in the park. Around mile four she stopped in a public restroom to use it and then wash her hands.

When she turned around, she was face to face with convicted sex offender Gary Steiner.

Steiner, 40, is classified by the Clark County Sheriff’s office as a Transient Level III Sex Offender, or the level most likely to reoffend

Steiner immediately shoved Kelly to the ground and got behind her. The fight for her life was on.

From Momentary Confusion to Not Today Mother Fucker!

As you listen to this interview, Kelly’s fight will hit you hard. The reality of it and the incredible reaction to her situation. I do not need to rehash all of the details here in print. Her personal account is one of the most powerful stories that you will hear. Some of the things we cover in this interview:

  • The absolute importance of awareness and being prepared
  • Training what you know make a huge difference
  • Your mindset goes a long way in keeping you alive
  • Never give up
  • Continuing the journey
  • What does the future look like today

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