May you live in interesting times. – Ancient Chinese Curse

Practical Post Election Security TipsToday we bring you some practical post election security tips, and also practical things you can do at any time. Personal security begins with mindset, but only takes place when put into practice!

With the election just behind us, emotions are still high. Rioting and assaults have been reported all around our nation. With a focus on keeping you and yours safe, regardless of your politics, let’s look at some practical post election security tips that you can quickly implement.

Social Media Security

With almost everyone on social media these days, it is always a good time to discuss best practices for personal security while online. We all (should) know about using passwords on your devices. In the same light, those free online games are widely recognized as ways to get your personal information a.k.a phishing (right)? There are many directions you can discuss online security, but let’s focus on your personal life today, okay?

  • Don’t put out overt political statements to a broad audience. Listen, talking politics with friends is one thing. don’t give those you barely know (or not at all) information or fuel to use against you. You never know where others may stand, or what may trigger their response.
  • You should never post where you live online. Try to keep in mind the need to know basis. If someone doesn’t need to know, don’t let them.
  • Personal pictures can be a problem. I know, we ARE talking about social media, right? Pictures of your children, family and friends are what it is all about. You can check your security preferences. If your security is set on public, or “friends of friends” change it. Only friends (preferably those you actually know) and family should have access.
  • Although it is fun to let people know you are going on a trip, try waiting until after you get home.

Stupid Things with Stupid People

While that protest may sound fun, be careful of the situations you put yourself in. I am also talking about other situations than protests. You are going to have to do a bit of personal introspection here.

  • How well do you know the people you are around? Although this seems like a common sense issue to many, sometimes you can find yourself in an unfamiliar crowd. Pay attention to your Spidey Sense.
  • We all have that “one” friend. You know, the one that can’t keep their mouth shut, who gets very pushy, and possibly likes to pick a fight. Seriously consider the consequences of surrounding yourself with this kind of person.
  • Is the situation you are in getting out of control? Pay attention to what is actually happening around you. Are people angry, beginning to destroy property, attacking others physically? If so, remove yourself quickly!

Your Daily Life

Our everyday life is really where security needs to be put into practice. Although life for many of us has very few bumps along the road, you can never predict when “something” will happen. Usually it comes at the least expected moment.

  • Get in the habit of looking around. Before you leave your home. When you are going into a store. Approaching your car or transportation. Awareness is the number one habit.
  • Lock your car, your home, and important places. We no longer live in a world where you can just leave your door unlocked and unguarded. Lock doors even when you are home.
  • Put your valuables out of sight. As the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. Cell phones in your car? Put it away. Expensive tools outside? store them safely. Think about what you have in view of the public.
  • When walking in public, walk confidently. Always make brief eye contact with passersby. Predators don’t like that and will pass up potential targets.
  • Pay attention to your gut feelings. If something inside you is uneasy about a person or situation, don’t ignore it. Remove yourself, or them from you.
  • Get a dog. A big one. Learn self defense. What kind? I’m a fan of boxing, jui jitsu (brazilian), muy thai, judo, filipino martial arts, etc. Pick an art that actually practices contact and application.
  • Break up your routines. This has security aspects as well as mental fortitude results. Routine makes us lazy and complacent. Whether it is driving, a running route, days you go shopping, or anything else. Get in the habit of reviewing WHAT you do and when. Change things up every once in a while.