Out With The Old In With The New

out with the old in with the newOut with the old in with the new is a quote most are familiar with. Along with all the other new year phrases, we can take them with a grain of salt, right? These idioms have proven themselves powerless time and time again. Although this is true for us all in many ways, there IS some truth to them, if you really really want to make the change.

Do you really really want to?

We are moving from 2016 to 2017. Most people think to themselves that they want to have a better existence in the coming year. We want the same for ourselves as well as this podcast and Full Circle Systems and how we help you and yours.

So then, what makes the difference? How do you (and us as well) become the ones that truly follow through on what we say we want and actually do, hmmmm?

How to actually follow through

Ready for this?

Be sick enough of where you are, and of YOUR EXCUSES, and do it.

There you go. Turn your back on your own BS. Make the bloody change and do what you say you will. You are welcome.

So, how exactly does this work? To get to it, either you will get in shape or you won’t. Why? Because you either truly desire health and fitness or you truly desire sitting on your ass more and eating crap.

See? That’s how it works. The results reflect real desire. By the way, desire alone obviously won’t get it. You must get up and do something different than you have been doing. You will probably be uncomfortable. Making the change might even be a bit painful (most real change is). But the results? Well, think on that for a bit. Ask yourself, “self, what are the results I’m getting from the actions that I am taking right now?”

Ponder that answer..

So then, what about FCS and WEGW?

As I’ve said on almost every episode. When Everything Goes Wrong is the media branch of Full Circle Systems Security and Defense. Why the difference in title? I want this format, along with any other we tackle in the future to have very few boundaries. Safety, security, defense, keeping people safe and resilient are very broad topics and can go lots of different places. I want the freedom to speak about whatever subject comes up without limiting the content to strict safety and security training.

This is a real distinction.

What does that look like for us and where is this all going?

When Everything Goes Wrong

  • More diverse podcasts. Interviews with more “experts” as well as the not so expert. Different subjects, and more stories
  • Not just physical. Money, lifestyle, social, you name it
  • Video. Lots and lots of bloody video (not really bloody, just being descriptive)
  • Free stuff for the rest of us
  • Documentaries of all shapes and sizes
  • Possibly a book
  • Articles and White Papers

Hows about them apples?

And now, Full Circle Systems Security and Defense

We are growing our business and training. We started out almost solely focused on the healthcare system, as this is where we have a real depth of knowledge and experience. Why does this matter? Because healthcare poses the most nuanced and challenging area for safety and security training. Many reasons for this.

While healthcare will remain our “bread and butter” we will be expanding our offerings this year. Beyond just healthcare, we are going to focus on:

  • Business, both large and small
  • Entertainment industry. Clubs, smaller production companies, theaters, etc.
  • Real estate professionals (and other sales professionals)
  • Houses of worship
  • The single mom and her kids

We will do this on multiple fronts. Direct person to person training, video (lots of that) webinars, written and spoken word. It’s gonna be a mountain of fun!

We now have training available in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico! So, come on down and join us!

Oh yeah, our first Webinar is coming up on January 5th, of 2017. Sign up, tell others and join us!

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