Kelly Herron, Survivor and Warrior Woman

Survivor and Warrior WomanKelly Herron was attacked by Gary Steiner on March 5, 2017. Kelly was on a training run and entered a restroom in a park. Steiner intended to rape and hurt Kelly. Kelly fought, screamed “Not Today Mother Fucker!” at her attacker and she survived.

We are glad tp have Kelly back on this show to tell us about her journey through this past year and about her experience of seeing her assailant locked up behind bars.

If you didn’t get to listen to Kelly’s first interview on When Everything Goes Wrong, you can listen by clicking here. It is par three in our series on Predation, and a very powerful story of survival and perseverance.

Todays interview is a year removed from that event. We have had the privilege of staying in touch with Kelly during that time. She has had quite the personal journey, filled with triumphs, struggles, ups and downs. Through it all, Kelly has shown the same tenacity and fight that she showed the day of her attack.

Not Today Mother Fucker!

Kelly joins us fresh from her court date where she was a witness against her attacker and had a direct hand in putting him behind bars. We get to catch up with her about what she has had to deal with since the attack.

  • Physical and emotional struggles and healing
  • Finding her place in her life
  • Her message to other women who have been victims of attack
  • Warrior/survivor mindset
  • What she is looking to do going forward

Kelly is the best example we can think of when surviving a potentially terrible situation comes to mind. This is why we were happy to have her back on this show for a follow up interview. Listen in to hear her story in her own words.


How to find Kelly

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