no more cops

What if there were no more cops

Imagine that there are no more cops. Can you? Now there are some out there who would rejoice at the thought, but not most people.

What would your world look like with this reality? How would it affect you in your daily life?

For the people in Dallas, a reality if this is having to wait longer for a response. Less assets to cover a rising demand in crime in that great city. It is a real problem for the city of Dallas.

Your world with no more cops

So, treading this hypothetical path, where does it lead us in you world? If the police disappeared this very moment, you would have different layers of reality to confront. The first being your personal safety. Like it or not, police are a big part of what we rely on for promoting our personal safety. As we have talked about before, police are almost always a reactionary asset. That being said, they DO react, and they do get there. This fact goes a long way to prevent lots of mischief. If there were no cops, you, and those you surround yourself with would become responsible for ensuring your personal protection. What would that look like?

Safety and security of your family and friends

Beyound yourself, do you have close family and friends? Most of us do, and we want them to be safe and secure from violence and ill intent, right? So, staying on this path of a world with no more cops, what would we have to do to ensure their safety? Personal practices become much more critical. Reaching out to other like minded people would be a real possibility. More food for thought.

Function of daily life

Police don’t simply respond to assault and violent situations. They assist the community by helping with traffic control. Police regulate traffic accidents by enforcing traffic and speed laws (I know, much ridiculousness here, but I digress). Think of accidents that are left to work out on their own. People being allowed to drive however they feel, wherever they want? (School zones and neighborhoods with kids) What would you and your community have to do to respond to these events?

Reasonable expectation of liberty

Being able to, for the most part, go about your life without having to worry about these issues is a type of liberty. You can go to get groceries today with the reasonable expectation of people obeying basic traffic laws. This allows you to travel their safely. Put this idea on a much larger scale and think about beyond you town to your region, and even your state. The situation would look very different withouit the police doing their job.

So, traffic and violence are all that we really covered in this discussion today. We haven’t scratched the surface of what a police force does by far.

The real reason that we went through this little mental exercise is this. Police are under real scrutiny right now. Some reasons are valid, others are knee jerk vitriol. Morale in departments is at an all time low. Attacks directly against police are at an all time high.

There are good cops (most of them) and there are bad cops ( a very small percentage). Most are there to serve, and they serve with pride. Don’t be so fast to go along with what you hear in the media about police. Think for yourself, and go through the mental exercise of what it would be like without them.

Source: In Dallas, 99 cops have quit in 10 weeks, putting the police hiring spree on life support | Dallas Police | Dallas News

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