It finally happened. A terrorist attack using a vehicle to injure and kill people happened here in the United States. This Manhattan terrorist vehicle attack is the first of its kind here. I hate being right about these kinds of things. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this evil event. If you want to read the latest news analysis of this event please click here now.

I just watched the NYPD Briefing from yesterday afternoon 2 hours after the event. NYPD dealt swiftly with this incident, and CONTINUED business as usual for the Halloween Parade. They emphasized heightened security, heavy weapons teams and resources to guard the parade. Let’s be very clear. This is a warning to anyone who is thinking to exploit a situation. The reporters asked the Commissioner many questions. As expected, these questions were handled quickly with most being too soon to answer or know.

The most important part of this message came at the end. The NYPD told New York to continue business as usual. New Yorkers will not be deterred is the clear message. As a result, we agree completely.

Our Analysis and Feedback

Terrorism is a constant danger in the world. Like I already said, I do not enjoy being right about these types of things. We have already covered other vehicle attacks on this show. If you want the latest information on the individual and circumstances surrounding this, feel free to turn on the news. Covering those aspects is not what this show is about. We may look at it later for a case study of terrorism, just not today. So then, what are we going to look at with this?

Probably what you are thinking about anyway. How could you deal with a situation like this.

How to Prepare for an Event like the Manhattan Vehicle Terrorist Attack

What could and should you think about and prepare yourself for?

  • This type of terrorist attack will happen again.
  • Do not let the terrorists win. Go about your business as usually, just more aware and ready.
  • Be aware and ready.
  • Have honest discussions with your family, friends and coworkers. Don’t be sheeple.

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