The Problem of Human Trafficking and Slavery

human trafficking and slaveryHuman trafficking and slavery are not a problem of history. They are a modern day epidemic. Men, women and children are targets every day allover the world, even in your community, no matter where you live. This is your problem as well as mine.

This is the fourth installment of our Predation Series.Although most people listening to this have a historical understanding or slavery, most don’t realize its current state. In this episode we meet Elizabeth K. Elizabeth is an RN who dedicates her free time to educating herself and others on the epidemic of human trafficking and slavery. This interview takes us through an astonishing and subversive world of abuse and violence that leads to control, manipulation and slavery. Elizabeth shares her story to help others become educated and empowered.

Human Trafficking and Slavery: In the Shadows

First of all speaking with Elizabeth, she tells us of a conference she attended. The Second Annual Symposium Presented by the San Diego Commission on the Status of Women and Girls: Combating Domestic Violence, Homelessness, and Human Trafficking. As a result, the conference lit her passion to help those trapped in this destructive world. As a healthcare provider she was shocked to realize that possibly 50% or more of these victims encounter a health care worker at some point. Since the probability of encounter is high in health care, Elizabeth is taking action to help educate her peers.

The process with human trafficking and slavery is all too familiar.

  • Physical abuse which leads to
  • Homelessness as the victim desires escape
  • Bad choices of drugs and environment to transition to a better direction
  • Control and deception by predators actively looking for someone is this predicament
  • Manipulation and enslavement once they are under their control

Not in My Neighborhood, Right?

While many will shake their heads at the tragedy of these situation, too many think it can’t happen to anyone they know. If this is you, you are wrong. These situations cross all income and demographic boundaries. Human trafficking and slavery have no favorites or boundaries. Abuse, control and runaways happen where you live. Also, technology, social media and the internet make this kind of control easier.

So then, what can we do?

Stay alert. Pay attention to the people in your life. Even the “adults” that may be out of the home already. How does this or that person sound? Has something changed in their demeanor? Will a normally open person change and become quiet? Has hiding things and whispering become a norm? Don’t simply brush off these signs. Talk to them. Find out what is really going on. Let them know that there is help.

Most of all, know that there are resources. Many agencies exist that deal with these situations. We have included some important links for you here.

Available Resources

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