How To Survive Being AttackedHow To Survive Being Attacked

When you get down to it, how to survive being attacked is the basic question we need to answer. Nobody wants to become a statistic of violence. As we tell people (often) there are no guarantees to avoiding all violence, but you can do a lot to prevent most situations. So let’s look at that first.

Preventing the Attack

The very first step of how to survive being attacked is having awareness and mindset. Awareness means you understand your surroundings and who you are with as much as you are able.

  • Do you know the people you are around?
  • Are you in a relatively good area, place or situation?
  • Are you practicing distraction?

Another way of saying this is “don’t do stupid things with stupid people”. You can add location to that phrase as well. We have spoken about awareness on a previous episode. You can get to it by clicking here. So then, what do I mean about mindset? Take a look at it this way. When you are at home you can (hopefully) let your guard down. When you leave home though, your natural awareness should go up a notch or two.

What do I mean?

  • Make yourself practice awareness (as opposed to practicing distraction).
  • Look at the people around you.
  • Listen to the tone of your surroundings.
  • Think about situations and what they mean.
  • Do you see something out of place?
  • Can you leave, immediately?
  • Determine to survive if something should happen.

Again, we never want people living in fear or being afraid to leave home. Your job is to be ready. Being ready allows you to see the attack coming if nothing else.

The Attack

Most attacks happen very fast. Sometimes there can be indicators (as in the story above) but not often. For example let’s talk about the knockout game.

  • Observing the place and time
  • Consider the individuals around you (single attacker, multiple?)
  • Actions indicate the attack, even in mere moments

Your ability to react at all depends on your awareness and mindset. This can all take place in an incredibly short time.

You Surviving the Attack

It is happening. Right now. I don’t care if you have boxed, taken karate, jui jitsu, or nothing at all. A fight is completely different than a sport. To put this into perspective, I’ll give you a quote that we use in all of our training.

The image says it all, and this is why we hammer mindset so hard. If you are attacked, all bets are off. WE ARE NOT ADVOCATING DEADLY FORCE! Only you can determine the level of response you give. Living with the consequences of an action always needs to be thought about, preferably ahead of time.

The flinch response is a human response. That is something that you can practice no matter what.

Please hear me when I tell you that an attack is not a game. There are no rules such as in a sport. Use what you have on you to survive. Bite, gouge, hit, pull, twist, whatever it takes. If there is an opportunity to get out of there, do it.

Whatever happens, survive.

On the Back Side

Call the police, guards, authorities, whatever. Seek medical attention if you need is (or call for it if your attacker does). Make sure you and/or those you are with are ok.

Take time to think about what happened. Evaluate it and consider that you are able to take stock. Surviving being attacked is no small thing. Don’t allow an event to define you from now on. Don’t let yourself become a victim. Be a survivor forever and no matter what.

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