Helping OthersMaturity is ultimately measured by looking at someones attitude towards helping others..  This is especially true regarding a personal protection plan. Helping others in your life is where you gravitate toward as you mature in your own process.

First you must understand that you need a plan. After that you go through the process of working out the fundamentals in your daily life. Once these thing become habit, you can turn your attention to the people in your life.


Because it’s not all about you

Listen, I’m sure you are great. As great as you may be, that isn’t why I want you to have a personal protection plan. Helping others is why. And to be clear, I’m not only talking about your friends and family. This is a given. I need you to help me change our culture.

  • People in general are distracted.
  • Distraction causes apathy.
  • Apathy ultimately takes lives.

I want to assure you that your life completely counts. While your life does matter, you deciding and being able to help others matters even more. Would you be able to help a complete stranger? Could you ever see the possibility of it?

I simply want you to practice awareness and security, and begin looking beyond yourself. If you begin doing this, you can make a huge impact.

  • By practicing your own awareness, you can affect your friends and family.
  • Recognizing others needs can impact your local community.
  • If you can teach someone else to raise their own awareness you can change the world.

With so many people distraught over current events, lead them to change yourself. Show those you can how helping others begins by changing yourself.