Healthcare Cyber Threats and Solutions Healthcare Cyber Threats and Solutions

The conversation about healthcare cyber threats and solutions is a hard one. This interview is with Ted Harrington, the Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators. A bit about ISE in their own words.

ISE is an independent security firm in Baltimore, Maryland dedicated to aggressive defense strategies through advanced science. Our elite team of analysts and developers use scientific approaches to improve our clients’ overall security posture, protect digital assets, harden existing technologies, secure infrastructures, and work with development teams to ensure product security before deployment.

Our adversary-centric perspective allows us to understand not only the actions of threat actors, but to understand their mindset as well. Although our relationship with these nefarious elements is distant, it is also intimate: we interact with them regularly and bridge that distance by a passionate desire to understand them. Adopting their perspective in our own assessments allows us to identify future attack vectors, and prepare for them. The attacks are inevitable, but can be defeated with the right methodologies, the right defenses, and the right perspective.

Ted brings a wealth of knowledge and solutions to the safety and security conversation in the specific realm of cyber security.  This interview revealed a whole new world of possibilities and threats.

What we covered in this interview

  • Real threats to healthcare and hospitals through the internet
  • The weaponization of providers
  • Possibilities of physical harm and even death by hacking into systems and equipment
  • Weaknesses of current systems readiness
  • Who takes ownership of this aspect of safety and security
  • Solutions on prevention of attack
  • Training of security and IT personnel
  • A roadmap to implement effective and life saving changes
  • Looking at the future and discussion of where do we go from here

By the end of this interview my head was spinning a bit at what we had just covered. It is a lot to take in. That said, Ted did not leave us without hope of solid planning, solutions and immediate actions to take. He and his team at ISE are part of the elite group of assets that this industry is lucky to have.

New Partnership

At the end of the day if we aren’t doing our best to serve and protect you, we fail. At Full Circle Systems Security and Defense we cover physical and infrastructure threats at the highest level. With that said, we are not the cyber and online security experts. It is our ongoing commitment to serving you that has helped us make the decision to make a strategic partnership with ISE. ISE is the definitive bleeding edge in this area. As our interaction with clients grows in scope, we will be bringing in ISE for all cyber, systems and online safety and security knowledge and training.

ISE has provided their Securing Hospitals: Research and Security Blueprint. You can go to their site and download the full report for free by clicking here.

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