The Reality of Freedom

Freedom. Let’s define terms. Freedom is the ability to move or respond as well as the capacity to not only understand what options are available but to also act on them if needed.

I like this definition because

  1. I came up with it
  2. It works across almost all rationales for the function of freedom

Freedom is an important aspect of the country you and I live in, if you are in the USA as I am. Said freedom is also the cornerstone of what my company protects in training safety and security. This episode is one we have mulled about for a while. The importance of putting this out is fundamental in grasping what freedom means for you.

It is your freedom to figure out. So, here we go.

The Physical

Personal freedom is where we have to begin. Everything else is affected by how we view this in our personal life. Let’s get to the gist of this. Today is July 4, 2017. I am recording this with my family well fed, a bit sunburned and relatively happy in the next room. We walked down and watched our small town parade and enjoyed a day with neighbors and friends. In America, this is the day most of us celebrate our freedom and this nations inception. No matter where you land on the political and idealogical spectrum, America is the bastion of freedom in the world.

This dialed in my thought process for this episode. Allow me to explain. We began our thought process like this.

What does it really take to survive? Having options. What does having options look tike?

  • Movement equals life
  • movement is freedom
  • freedom allows movement
  • Life is freedom
  • If you are not free, you are either dead or in the process of dying


Big concept for such a simple podcast on safety and security. What am I getting at? Let’s look at your physical self. If you sit there and do nothing, your body will begin to stop working the way it should. Recent studies even show that sitting is worse for you than smoking. We are made to move. If you inhibit movement then you will stop functioning the way you are supposed to. If you sop moving your ability to react when you need to will suffer. When you can’t react when you really need to, you’ll probably die.

If to live means to move, and movement equals life then you have to move.

Perception and Psyche

The same with how you think and what you do with it. What we spend our time, energy and effort on becomes our focus. A lot of people look at phones and our connectivity in a bad light. As in, people are more disconnected and unaware. Disconnected from reality so to speak.

Put simply, focused on mostly time wasting and the unimportant.

Move your mind and take back your focus, your energy and your effort.

A life of Freedom

Here is what got this proverbial ball rolling. Most people are checked out in some way or another. We protect people and teach because, well, we love people. If this is a truth for us, then not attempting to do what we can to effect the status quo is unacceptable. Too many of us are asleep at our own wheel. If we love people and want to do our best teaching real awareness and effective response, then we must do more.

Let’s look at this a different way. We humans are so amazingly capable. We can rise to incredible heights in our abilities, if choose to. If you are not aware and moving, you are dying. We want you to live, and live abundantly!


To be truly free is to have a purpose. A life of avoidance and escape is the opposite of this. This is one thing that we cannot find for you. We can however explain a bit of ours an an example.

Husbands to our wives. Love and serve her first, to my best ability.

Fatherhood and family. They are our joy and honor to love, teach, guide and protect. If we are incapable of acting, thinking clearly and doing what needs to be done, we have failed them.

Faith. Everyone has a faith whether you call it that or not. We recognize and understand our relationship with our Creator. He made us for a purpose, and we live to honor this.

Country. We raised our hand to take an oath. We still honor this oath and will keep it.

You. Our chosen vocation is to teach and serve you. We endeavor to raise your awareness and give you the tools and ability to handle stressful and potentially dangerous situations. We choose to function at our best to serve you as well as we can.


Wake up sleeper.

Find your purpose.

Our hope for you and yours is to walk with you to a place where you can be free.

Able to see.

Ready to respond.

Have a capacity to think clearly.

Willing and having what it takes to do.

In the end, a life is measure against what has been done with it. Today is a new day.

Be free.