End of the week News Wrap Up

end of the week news wrap upThe search for a missing 15-year-old Tennessee girl believed to be with a teacher has “gone fairly cold,” Fox 17 Nashville reports.

Our end of the week news wrap up begins with a child abduction in Tennessee. Source: Second Amber Alert for Tennessee teen who disappeared with her teacher | Fox News

Amber Alert for Student Abducted By Teacher

The first item is about 15 year old Elizabeth Thomas who has been taken by her health teacher Tad Cummins.

  • Suspected taken for sexual exploitation
  • Cummins is believed to be armed with two handguns
  • Cummins, 50, was caught kissing Thomas at school Jan. 23
  • We will Update this page as more information becomes available

ISIS gunmen dressed as doctors kill at least 30 at Afghan hospital

In Kabul, Afghanistan gunmen stormed a 400 bed hospital dressed in white lab coats. The full story can be read by clicking here.

  • ISIS claims responsibility
  • The attack took place in a heavily guarded diplomatic area
  • There are more than 30 confirmed dead and more than 50 wounded
  • Afghan Defense Forces battled the attackers from floor to floor
  • One of the attackers successfully detonated his suicide explosive vest

Footage of brazen sex attack at university released

An Australia college student’s attack was caught on video for the world to see. You can read the story and view the video by clicking here.

  • University of Sydney video shows brazen sex attack
  • The video shows the young woman entering a parking garage and the young man closely following her
  • The young man is shown covering her mouth, shoving the young woman between two vehicles and attempting sexual assault
  • The young woman reportedly “yelled at the top of her lungs for help”,
  • She used her free right arm to fight back against her assailant, eventually shaking her body free from his grip
  • The bad guy has not yet been apprehended

Woman shoots, kills self at Viera Hospital, Brevard County, Florida

Please feel free to see the original story by clicking here.

  • Woman is picked up by an ambulance after suffering a “medical emergency”
  • The hospital already uses enhanced security measures such as metal detectors and wands
  • Ambulance  delivered patients were not screened when entering the ER
  • The woman once in her room removed a gun from her personal belongings and killed herself
  • The hospital has increased security measures hospital wide
  • This exposes the importance of testing policies and training before an event takes place

Our Primary Takeaway

We have been wanting to cover all of these stories. This gives us the opportunity to look at some commonalities that they share. This largest item seen is the need for awareness. Awareness leads to mindset. We have spoken about this in a previous episode that you can listen to here. These are the most basic habits that can save someones life in almost every situation.

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