Economic downturn, fears of recession and huge amounts of people out of work are causing serious problems. What can you do about it? And has it already affected you?

Economic downturn and recession

I say, you can do much, and yes. It has already affected you.

Coronavirus is still a thing. As a result, we are seeing real economic downturn in the U.S. and the World right now. It has already taken its toll on people out of work with those numbers looking like 40 million right now. Economists are saying we are already in the beginning of a recession.

Have you been effected personally? If you haven’t, I bet you know someone who has. And this economic downturn is not finished. Fears of a full blown recession are rumbling.

In this episode we talk about the cascading effects of this recession.

What can you and others do? Do you have options available to you? Can you do anything before job loss hits you?

Also, the Seattle City Council has taken away Police Officers less than lethal options during the protests. I did a video yesterday that you can watch by clicking here.

Related to this is the defunding and threat of abolishing police departments. How can this effect other areas of life during the economic downturn and recession? How about the truck drivers threatening to not deliver to cities and towns that have defunded their police? We play the if this___ then___ game! It is a handy dandy practice that you can adopt.

With all this going on, we end on a high note. We look at Mr. Hutchison, the Black Lives Matter(BLM) protester in London England. He say another man (white man opposing side) get hit and knocked down. Mr. Hutchison’s actions surely saved this mans life as well as diffused worse violence.

An active shooter was also avoided. Sargent Major Royer did what he says anyone would have done. He saw a man shooting other people. Sargent Major Royer hit him with his truck! Listen in for this story and all the rest! We want you to survive. I hope you learn something from this. Thank you for listening!