Chicago Gangs and ViolenceChecking the pulse of Chicago gangs and violence

2016 will be Chicago’s most violent year in two decades. Chicago Gangs and Violence are at the center of this escalation.

Why talk about this here? Well, my job is to help protect people in all walks of life, no matter their circumstances. What got me is that in my research I have found so many victims of this violence are little kids. I can’t take that.

Chicago is one of this nations great cities and I hate seeing its people living in a constant state of fear. They are being done a disservice from the rest of us if we stand by and simply ignore their plight.

Kids learning to hit the deck when they hear anything loud outside, to not stand by windows.  The article is linked below so you can read the specifics for yourself.

Chicago had more than 700 murders in 2016, more than in New York City and Los Angeles combined.

Source: Why 2016 Has Been Chicago’s Bloodiest Year in Almost Two Decades

Looking at How We Got Here

While most of us live in mostly safe homes not everyone does. Can you imagine the possibility of gun shots at any moment outside your home? To top it off, not being able to know who you can trust at all to help? Right or wrong, this is the reality that is Chicago.

So, how did we get here?

  • Some really bad actions by some members of the Chicago police force
  • Knee jerk reaction from the cities leadership in how the police can even interact with the public
  • A bizarre twist of cleaning up the gang leadership unleashed more gang violence
  • The rampant war of words on social media
  • Defunding social workers involved in the direct communities

These are the main topics that the news story covered. Part of the conversation is to look at how the police on the line are being effected.

“I tell them, ‘Be careful. Don’t be so aggressive out there. Think of your family before you go out there and do something,’” the detective says as he finishes his salad, laying out the advice he gives officers under his command. “Policing has changed. If you don’t change with it, you’re going to lose your job.”

What COULD be done going forward

No one has a magic wand to wave that will fix any of this. What is being put out next is only my opinion, but I think it is on the right track.

  • Fix the police. Encourage “self policing”, honor and pride, and release them to actually do their job. No more, no less.
  • Deal with the root of the Gang problem. Lack of strong fathers and families.
  • Houses of worship, go do the real work
  • Community and pride

In summary this is just a small look at how to start. This can also be a wakeup call to other cities and communities to pay attention and never let things go to this level.

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