California’s New Regulations to Prevent Workplace Violence in Healthcare Settings

Cal/OSHA has implemented a substantial change in policy and new regulations for healthcare settings. This has been assisted by nurses unions and is looking to be adopted by other states and organizations as a model program.

The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (OSHSB) today voted unanimously to approve nation-leading regulations to prevent workplace violence in healthcare settings.

Source: Nurses Celebrate California’s New Regulations to Prevent Workplace Violence in Healthcare Settings | National Nurses United

This affects healthcare in several ways, and will have long lasting effects on the industry as a whole. Some of the possible results that can be foreseen are:

  • Employee/patient  safety gets serious
    • Revamping of policy and procedures
    • new training requirements
    • access systems and communications
    • liability and replacement outlines
  • Legal liability at every event of violence
    • Non-compliance triggers funding and payment reimbursement delays/forfeits payment
    • Liability for system if staff not trained
    • Families and patients endangered from events and resulting from improper/inadequate procedures in place
  • Healthcare access becomes more structured
    • safety procedures implemented for access
    • visitation monitored and restricted
    • cost per visit increases over time

And so much more. This will be an ongoing conversation from today into the future. Industry changes are coming, stemming from the rise in violence and resulting in policies that influence our daily lives. While this has been focused on healthcare, other industries will adopt similar templates to deal with workplace violence.

At FCS our goal is to protect you and yours in uncertain times. As we have stated previously, hospital/ healthcare related violence is steadily increasing. We do not want anyone to be fearful in their work or daily life. Informing you to events and possible consequences  allows you to thoughtfully engage in the conversation whether you are a healthcare worker or a patient. With up to date information, you can engage in your immediate and local outcomes that are affected by these rulings.

The real goal is to make sure you go home at the end of your day.