An Update on the Ben Taub Hospital Shooting

An Update on the Ben Taub Hospital Shooting

Photo Credit Associated Press

We promised an update on the Ben Taub Hospital Shooting. It turns out that I was mistaken about the role of the deputy that responded to the attack.  If you did not listen to the first episode dealing with this, you can listen by clicking here. My initial information was not clear so I assumed that the deputy was in the hospital also as hospital security.

Not so.

The hospital policy outlines that “security is the responsibility of the agency that brings the inmate to the hospital.” The deputy was at the hospital on a detail that was not assigned to Hall. The update article is linked below.

A Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy shot 46-year-old, Ricky Lynn Hall, on the fifth floor or Ben Taub Hospital Thursday morning around 10 a.m.

Source: Digging deeper: Why was inmate involved in Ben Taub shooting left unsupervised? | khou.com

This still leaves us with questions.

  • Where were the agency officers assigned to guard Hall
  • Why was Hall unrestrained without guards present
  • Why was the medical student in the room with an unrestrained inmate
  •  Did the medical student have the correct and proper training to ready her for the situation

To be very clear, we are NOT in any way shape or form being accusatory toward Ben Taub Hospital. We also have the greatest sympathy towards the medical student for having this happen to her. Our purpose is to dig deeper and ask the tough questions in order to provide the best outcome for any future related events. An informed and aware people is an empowered and resilient people.

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