Anna Salter

Dr. Anna Salter received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Public Practice from Harvard University and obtained a Masters Degree in Child Study from Tufts. She was a Teaching Fellow at both Universities. She is an accomplished author, lecturer and consultant.

  • keynoted conferences on sexual abuse
  • testifies as an expert witness in sexual abuse civil and criminal cases.
  • evaluates sex offenders for civil commitment proceedings and other purposes.

She is the author of the Predators, Pedophiles, rapists & other sex offenders that is the inspiration for this series on predation.

We are honored for this opportunity to interview you Dr. Salter!

This is the last interview in our series on predation. We saved the best for last. Dr. Anna Salter is the expert of experts on this very important topic.

  • Dr. Anna Salter tells us how far reaching the sexual predation problem is in our culture and society.
  • Predators and deception: This is possibly the most important part of this issue. We must all understand what the practices are and what we should be doing to look for them.
  • how we can protect out loved ones and others
  • your thoughts on the Hollywood predation exposure that is currently taling place publically
  • Anna Salter on her personal account of a possible predation experience on her  own family.
  • Finally, leaving those listening with a sense of hope. What you can do to possibly prevent predation. Also understanding that there is help for victims.

Dr. Salter, we thank you so much!! It was an honor to do this interview with you!

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