We all know that we want to be ready for what life has in store. We want to be able to protect our family, to help them, protect them, take care of them if something happens. Some of us have trained for these things. Many have not. We want to help you gain the knowledge, skillsets, and capabilities to do what you know you should be able to do. As much as all this, we want to teach you how to put it all together in a way that not only makes sense, but makes a difference to you and those you love. This is what separates this class from any others out there.

This is an investment in yourself and the readiness, resilience, and future. We live in a rapidly changing world. Threats are real and increasing. Police, first responders, and firefighters are losing funding and personnel at an alarming rate. People are moving from areas of higher populations to smaller cities and towns across America. 

Meet Your Instructors

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

Pat’s Class

Personal & Family Risk Analysis

Learning the scary things with John Stach

Family Protector Firearms Fundamentals

Pew pews and safety with Greg Dekker